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The development of a high quality, targeted sales strategy with robust performance indicators in place is key to any new growth push. 

The first phase of working with Varna Sales is a consultation and strategy development process. This will give Varna Sales clear direction on what needs to be achieved, give you a variety of insights from a "fresh set of eyes" and will offer the confidence that your brand will be treated with the utmost respect. 

Be it a new product launch, fighting off a competitor or taking your brand global, Varna will do the research, build the strategy and ensure that all of our efforts are aligned. 

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In preparation for growth preparing scalable distribution capabilities is critical. 

In recent times aligning supply and demand has been challenging for many. 

Varna has both marine and RV dedicated distribution solutions in many countries throughout the world. Should this area of your organization need re-enforcement, Varna has the capability to bring the pieces together. 



Execution of the strategy is where Varna truly excels. We believe that exceptional technical product knowledge is the cornerstone of any sales presentation. We will research the market space, competitors, product and application to ensure we represent your brand to as high a standard as you would yourselves. 

Our CEO, Dan Soeters, has 20 years of experience as being the big hitter for OEM, wholesale and retail sales for some of the industries leading brands and brings his knowledge and talents with him to every opportunity. 

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After new partnerships are made - be it wholesale or to OEM - there is no time to rest - a mistake that is all to often made. 

Post sales support is an ideal place for new sales to be made. Unique solutions for supporting new OEM partners to capitalize on their new product choices give big branding advantages to both parties. 

Varna has broad capability for defining and developing post sales support initiatives. 

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